3 Ways to Build Website Traffic For Your Business

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Although every industry has been impacted in one way or another, we’re seeing a major increase in online traffic due to the pandemic.

This presents a unique opportunity to connect with existing customers and hot leads - easily from the comfort of your home.

A study by Accenture explains, “94 percent of B2B buyers report that they conduct some form of online research before purchasing a business product. Fifty-five percent of B2B buyers conduct online research for at least half of their corporate purchases.” And those stats were recorded before the outbreak.

Still, many small business websites struggle with attracting viewers, and find themselves missing new opportunities.

Yet, with a buyer’s current situation in mind (and no telling how long this may last), can small businesses afford not to have an effective online presence?

By following just three simple steps, you will be fully equipped to enhance the daily website traffic to your company site on any budget.

1. Social Media

Social media platforms allow you to reach new prospects and connect with existing customers. Find out where most of your customers are “hanging out” online, and start there.

Social media is an essential marketing tool - and the best part? It’s free!

You may wonder if social media is the right marketing channel for your company, or even your industry: The Marketing Blender reports “55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media,” and that “84% of CEOs and VPs use social media to make purchasing decisions.”

Being visible in this space is essential to attracting new business and maintaining your existing partnerships.

When sharing posts, keep in mind the goal is to provide quality shareable content, engage new leads, and generate conversation. Social media acts as a sales tool to create communication and when properly utilized, will work to drive users to your site.

Each social media platform is technically a search engine in itself, and since each account is considered a blog, your activity will therefore influence your SEO rank.

Neil Patel claims, “a 2018 study by Hootsuite tested the SEO results of articles with and without social promotion. Their results? Pieces with top social shares received an average 22% boost during the duration of the experiment.”

Social media is more than a great source for referrals and reviews - it also consistently builds site traffic!

2. Display Advertising

Display Advertising can provide major brand visibility for any small business even if they are based locally.

Take advantage of the cost effective advertising space like Google Display Advertising to target your audience is - Get the word out to those top of the funnel leads!

You can apply extensive demographic features to find your ideal customers too. The usual: industry, location, age, and gender, but also more specifically, based on in-market audiences, interests, lookalikes, and more. Interactive Display Ads are also great for recall value when the need for the product/service arises.

The main goal of Display Advertising is to build brand awareness quickly, drive traffic to the website and re-target visitors to return back to the website. It also allows you to stay on top of your visitor’s mind who may reach your website by typing your company name in the search bar.

Set aside a small budget for Display Advertising and monitor the result to optimize as you get more data. You will be surprised by the results.

3. EMAIL marketing

Your email marketing is a direct communication with customers and prospects. The Marketing Blender continues, “email is twice as powerful as cold calling with email marketing yielding 2x higher Return on Investment (ROI) than cold calling, networking, or trade shows.”

Contacting new leads with relevant information and industry events is seen as helpful rather than salesy. Promotions can also be framed as useful if the language used is friendly rather than pushy.

Try sending a helpful link to a blog post when answering a question.

By consistently connecting with existing customers & leads, you create organic conversation starters when you do reach out.

No need to stress about generating tons of new content all the time - the key is to be consistent. You can easily reuse existing web pages, product information, blog posts, etc. for new shareable content. Add a new caption and relate the information to a current promotion or recent event.

When in doubt, share a link to your site! Your aim here is to explain the features of your company and products, not a list of benefits, to best encourage followers to interact and share.

Don’t lose any more opportunities to grab the attention of your future customers. Get started with these 3 simple methods to grow your site traffic and gain positive results today!

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