5 Ways to Reconnect with Customers and Attract New Business

SMBs are famous for monotonously running their marketing activities with the same old exercises that make no big impact on their market. Creative marketing, they feel, is only for the big boys. We all need clever marketing to keep our companies connected with clients and top of mind with prospects. Let’s face it, a little buzz can not only place your business in the spotlight, it can also spruce up some sagging sales.

We’ve come up with 5 fire starters to strike it with prospects and ignite emotions in customers.

Ignitor Numero Uno – Brand Identity Reboot
The easiest way to start a fire is by refreshing your brand. It’s a great way to give everyone in your company a lift. This means updating your business identity i.e. your logo, corporate stationery, sales sheets, marketing collateral and more.

It's not just an exercise to make your brand pretty. It’s much more than that. It’s a rejuvenated brand identity aligned with your business goals and target market, that will attract the best leads to grow your business.

Also, your excited sales staff will be proud to flash around your new look and frame their conversations around your refreshed brand when connecting to prospects. Your existing clients will also take notice.

Ignitor #2 – Your website 2.0
Spur your brand image with a website redesign if it’s more than a few years old. There’s nothing worse than a tired, dated or static website. Sometimes it’s worse than no website at all!

A fresh, dynamic and responsive website will engage your visitors, bring you the traffic you want and the conversions you need. Make sure to communicate your new look to all your company employees, clients and prospects, and be sure to share the new website on social media.

With a responsive site that’s easily viewable on all platforms, you’ll definitely fire up your company’s exposure.

Ignitor #3 – Social Media Surveys
Leverage social media and add some combustion. How about starting your own company Twitter poll?

You as a poll creator will have access to the humongous audience of Twitter to engage with people and ensure your voice is heard.

Ignitor #4 – Get PR Working for You
Heat up the market with some PR. Get your marketing aficionados to write up a dynamic and compelling press release featuring something of value about your company that is newsworthy. Get it out there online and in print. The more outlets the better.

Ignitor #5 – Reward, Reward, Reward
Set your customers ablaze with this final ignitor. Get your marketing people to brainstorm and come up with a unique, fun and cost-effective reward program for them. A complimentary 3 month trial, a bonus month, free seminar, a discounted product, an award or simply a $5 coffee card - anything. It’s your choice and will pay you dividends in exposure, engagement and goodwill. Your customers could be your company's best ambassadors in getting your name out there.

Start now with these simple and affordable catchy ideas and you’ll see your biz soar.

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