6 Key Practices That Will Grow Your Small Business In 2018

It’s 2018, and we are well into the first quarter. Marketing managers and small business owners are thinking of the best ways to boost sales this year. Whether you’re a startup endeavour looking to expand your networks, or a seasoned enterprise working to strategically boost your impact – it’s important give your goals focus. We consider the practises listed below to be key when fostering the growth of your company; with every change you intend to make this year, ask yourself how it is fulfilling these crucial factors.

Small Business Growth Strategies:

1. Create The Right Brand Perception To Attract Your Ideal Customer

Small businesses should not underestimate the power of branding. Whether you’re working within a B2B or B2C structure, strong branding allows you to stand out from a crowd of competitors – this is imperative if you’re still working to get your business known. Having a strong brand is far more nuanced than creating an interesting logo or even website design however. Every activity you pursue, online or off, from the content you post on Facebook or Twitter to the way in which a customer service representative answers the phone should be reflective of the company and in line with its core interests and objectives. Being consistent with your branding will then ensure you’re attracting the clients and businesses that are most likely to be loyal to you.

2. Establish A Marketing Budget To Activate Growth

In this day and age, half your initial success will be thanks to how well you’re able to market yourself. It may seem like your operating costs don’t allow for much of a marketing budget; it’s important to have one though, however small. You never know who you’ll be able to reach outside of your organic following simply by optimizing your website or purchasing some ad space on a popular blog that regularly posts about topics relevant to your business.

3. Make Your Product/Service The Best For Your Target Market

Ask yourself what is the overall value your product provides to your target market for the price they are paying you. Why they should  not move to your competitor with a cheaper or same priced product. Look at your business from outside in to determine the areas to improve so your customers feel they are getting the best value for the price. Customer surveys are great way to find out.

4.Idolize Your Customers

Most small businesses get wrapped up in all the work there is to acquire new accounts, that they forget to focus their energies on their existing clients and make them feel important in bold or subtle ways. A strict focus on selling without cultivating a deeper sense of engagement with their client base can cause a business to lose its followers. Remember, you can convert them in to great ambassadors of your business.

5. Treat Your Employees, Suppliers, And Consultants Well

Those who enjoy their working environments will naturally become advocates for the companies that maintain these positive environments. So finally, treat all of those involved with the company with kindness, respect and understanding, as they are arguably your most valuable spokespeople. Less turnover of employees and loyal suppliers and consultants can also bring the overall operational costs down.

6. Leverage Technology To Promote Efficiency

There are tools available to you that will make connecting with your audience base simpler; CRMs, reward programs, marketing automation, cloud communications and ERP systems, take advantage of it all to improve efficiencies with minimal effort.

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