R.I.P. traditional sales model

Don’t be like companies who are still using tired, outdated ways of trying to grow their business.  Mass prospecting, hiring additional sales reps, setting sales quotas and travelling to generate more leads are part of the old sales era - and it’s come to an end.

Let’s face it, traditional methods of attracting business simply don’t work in the online business world of today. Your buyers are getting smarter and they are buying differently.

The changing buying process

The internet has given more control to your buyers. They have access to over-abundant information online, which allow them to research any product or service thoroughly before taking a decision. Top marketing pundits say, that 70% of the buying process is complete before a buyer actually contacts a company to make a purchase.

Re-aligning the sales process

Businesses need to harness the power of the internet. The key is to find buyers who are in the research stage and help them along their buying process. You can achieve this, by providing them information they are looking for to solve their burning problem.

Would you let your most expensive resources to waste their time prospecting leads who will never buy from you, or would you rather have them closing deals everyday?

Make a change today, and see how we can help you lower your cost per customer acquisition and reduce your sales cycle.