Buyer-Personas Are Great For SMB's Too!

You’ve probably heard of buyer-personas but as an owner or manager of an SMB you’re too busy wearing too many hats and doing way too many jobs to figure out how they can help you. Quite frankly, many small companies can be quite disorganized and unprepared for the marketing know-how that will ramp up their business.

What exactly is a Buyer-Persona?

Many people aren’t completely sure of what a buyer-persona actually is and how knowing your buyer-personas can actually grow your business. So, as always, we’re here to help…

Let’s start with what it’s not. A buyer-persona isn’t just a simple description of your buyer. Having a flat profile of your buyer isn’t much help to your business and doesn’t add much in terms of marketing guidance.

Buying behaviour vs. random info

Buyer personas go deeper into real buying behaviours than just demographic info.  They provide in depth and valuable intel about what your prospective customers are actually thinking and doing as they figure out solution options to their business challenges.  They focus on your prospective customers’ problems and pain points to enable you to position your business as the solution provider.

Buying decisions

Buyer personas reveal how your target buyers make decisions.

Buyer-personas reveal:

  • How buyers think and buy
  • When and where they buy
  • Specific needs, interests, attitudes and concerns
  • What they are trying to accomplish
  • What goals drive their behaviour
  • The criteria that motivate customers to make decisions on the company they choose to do business with

What Buyer-Personas will do for your biz

The whole point of creating buyer personas is to provide you with a much richer and deeper understanding of your buyers and their goal-directed buying behaviours. This valuable knowledge, or factual buyer intelligence, helps you tailor your content, messaging, product development, and services to their specific needs. You can then implement more highly effective marketing approaches and sales strategies that drive more conversions.

SMBs can take advantage of the Internet

Buyer-personas play a key role in the design of your marketing plan – from creating valuable content that will be utilized, to the actual methods for distributing said content via the web i.e. blogs, e-papers, emails, webinars, videos etc.


Benefits of establishing your Buyer-Personas

  • Help you focus strategically on your customer
  • Effectively position your company in your customers’ sights
  • Establish targeted messaging and content marketing
  • Enable and enhance your sales team’s success
  • Boost efficiency in your overall marketing strategy
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Increase profits

Reap rewards and increase ROI

When you know what your buyers think about doing business with your company, you can effortlessly align your marketing decisions with their needs and expectations.  You’ll be able to boost your business, take it to the next level, and increase your ROI. Your competitors won’t be able to touch you!

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