How Inbound Sales can accelerate leads into Customers

inbound sales

A strong inbound sales and marketing strategy will convert way more leads in to customers for your B2B company. The Pandemic, unfortunately, has caused hurdles in face-to-face customer and business interaction. Thanks to Inbound, the concern has been taken care of. Through a meticulous sales methodology, you can successfully convert qualified leads into customers. Hence, the Inbound sales are here to stay.

According to research by McKinsey & Company, today 70 to 80 percent B2B decision-makers prefer remote interactions and digital self-services.

What is inbound sales?

Inbound Sales is a strategy where a salesperson connects with the prospect, identifies his/her business needs and provides information/tools to solve them to the best of his knowledge. The goal of inbound sales is to engage and build confidence with buyers in a consultative process rather than simply getting in to a sales pitch to close fast.

The success of Inbound Sales is highly dependent on a well planned Inbound Marketing program. Inbound marketing is responsible to attract and qualify leads with conversion and lead nurturing tools. Once the leads reach a specific stage in the buying journey they are handed over to Inbound Sales.

How inbound sales converts leads into customers?

Understand the buyer's world

First Inbound Sales will assess the real problem of the lead and be confident the company’s product/service is a good fit. Once this is established, sales will capitalize the conversation time to assist them in overcoming the problem.

Engage in exploration

The traditional salesperson will usually give a generic presentation oblivious of the buyer's context. In contrast, an inbound salesperson engages in exploratory conversation by delving more into the buyer’s goals and challenges with smart questions from their statements.

Advice: Address buyer's unique needs

In this step Inbound Sales will present the unique features of the company’s product/service to the buyer according to the information gathered during the engagement stage. Sales will focus on the problem and strategically position the product/service to be superior to the competitor to solve the buyer’s business challenge. Once the buyers objections have been addressed, sales will proceed to close the deal.

The Bottom Line

Inbound sales are proving to be an effective methodology to convert leads into customers.

It's imperative to remember here that the groundwork by the marketing team will set the pace for the inbound salesperson. Hence, a collaboration between the sales and marketing departments is vital here.

The stronger the inbound marketing base, the easier it becomes for the sales team to grow customers.



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