Three signs you are driving wrong traffic to your website

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COVID has restructured the traditional sales process. Websites have replaced In-person businesses to attract traffic and lead conversion. However, the problem arises when traffic doesn't convert into leads. Here we have identified three signs of low conversions to help fix the problem.

1. High Traffic, High Bounce Rates

High traffic with a high bounce rate is a red flag. A bounce on your website is when a visitor only stays for a few seconds or does not interact with a click and exits the landing page to another site.

The reasons for high bounce rate can be due to:

  • Content and target market mismatch
  • Website not designed for mobile users
  • Slow loading Website
  • Poorly designed web page

2. High traffic, No conversion

Conversion is when a web visitor completes a desired action like watching a tutorial video, downloading an E-paper, or subscribing to email.

Reasons for the high traffic and no conversion:

  • No Call-to-Action on a website. 
  • Outdated content. Stats state that small businesses that blog generate 126% more leads than those who don’t blog.
  • Too much information and options that confuse the visitor.
  • Poor trust in the company
  • A n unprofessional and badly designed website

3. High Traffic, Poor Lead Quality

So, what can be the reason for high traffic but poor lead quality or no leads at all? According to research, a site gets only 10 seconds to convince new visitors to stay on site. It's critical for the site to focus on the visitor's pain points in the initial 10 seconds and offer content to address their concerns emotionally and logically. The following can also be the possibilities for poor quality leads:

  • Website is attracting wrong audience for the product/service.
  • Website content is not clear on the product/service offered.

Having a 24/7 online presence via a user-friendly website is an excellent way for SMBs to boost business. However, if the website does not deliver desired results, the website needs to be revamped. Business owners should view these signs as an opportunity for improvement.

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