Want to Analyze Your Website? Here Are Some Quick Free SEO Tools

A few things that prevent a lot of business owners and marketers from utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not knowing exactly what it is, or confuse SEO with Pay-per-click (PPC). So, let’s take a quick look at what it is and some free SEO tools you can try out to help boost your website's online presence.

What is SEO

First, do you know what Search Engine Optimization is and why it’s important? SEO is a digital tool that is used to ensure a website is comprehensible to a search engine; increasing the ranking of websites on specific search engines. SEO is a very elusive subject and requires professionals to effectively complete the job. But if you’re unsure of what that job is exactly, here are two sites that can help you analyze your website to see your ranking and statistics.

SEO tools to analyze your website

WebSEOAnalytics, offers a great SEO package that includes SEO analysis tools such as: WSA Spider, SERP Analysis, URL Analyzer, Web SEO Analysis and Blog Analyzer. This is a good package because it includes tools that will help you to analyze your website thoroughly, analyze the Search Engine Results of keywords, analyze your competition, analyze your ranking factors to build an SEO report, and for bloggers to optimize the SEO performance of their blogs. Another great thing about this site is you can start for free!

Another website, SEOSiteCheckup, has free registration and offers this tool on their website where you type in your website to get a free SEO checkup! It takes a few minutes but it’s worth the wait. You get to instantly see results about your website's online performance—for free. This website also has free SEO packages that include over twenty SEO tools that is great for beginners and professionals.

Making SEO your priority

Search Engine Optimization is bringing more traffic to company websites and is operating successfully in the marketing world. More businesses are utilizing the SEO tool because they are seeing the benefits. They understand that digital marketing has outgrown traditional marketing. If you want to increase your brand's awareness in the virtual world, you should consider adding SEO to your marketing outlines. Contact a developer, marketing guru, etc., and show them the statistics you’ve received through the websites above--and start growing your brand's online performance.

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