Website Review Quiz: Is it Working for You?

Digital marketing has become the number one way to market ones business. Yet, a lot of small/medium businesses still don't have a website or worse; have a website that's inconsistent and needs a serious technological upgrade.

In modern times, as an SMB, it's essential to have a business website that aligns with your business goals. No matter your business revenue or years in business, a well designed website not only acts as a tireless brand builder but also new business creator.

Websites: The most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century?

The web offers powerful data to make business decisions. Today you need more than one platform for your consumers to reach you. Social media is a definite but websites offer more room businesses to really tell-all and show more about their company. Websites enables you to grow your business by generating leads through demos, e-papers, trials etc—and that can be tracked by watching your website's back-end performance: SEO, PPC, SEM, engagement, interactions, etc.

I have a website, is it working for me?

So you have built an awesome responsive website. All your employees and friends are raving about the design. But how do you know your website is functioning accordingly and receiving an effective response. Do you know the answer to the below questions?

Do you know:

  1. How much website traffic you get per month?
  2. Where your visitors are (coming) from?
  3. Track of your repetitive visitors?
  4. Which pages are popular and which aren’t?
  5. How long are visitors staying on your web pages and website?
  6. How many conversions happen on your website?

If you’ve answered no to MOST of the questions above… you need to start now! Begin with installing the free Google Analytics snippet on your website. If you already have it, then what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this free tool! Login to your analytics and start analyzing your website's valuable data!

Once you create a website and/or utilize the Google Analytics system, you will be happy you did, or maybe frustrated because your website's performance is poor – but that's ok because now you know the important things to monitor. Keep in mind these key questions when reviewing your website. Use the answers to determine how to improve your website's performance and when creating your digital marketing strategies.

According to SocialTimes, more than 80% of consumers check websites online before making a purchase or visiting a store/restaurant. So, don’t just build a website for the sake of having one. Make a wise investment in your website and make sure you design it to bring revenue for your business.

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