Three signs that indicate your website needs a redesign

The plethora of devices available to business people today – like mobile phones, touchpads, laptops, tablets, desktops etc. – as well as cheap data and wifi, have changed the way people surf the web and how they find companies, and buy products and services.

If your website isn’t part of your marketing mix, then as a marketing manager or business owner you have to ask yourself, “Why not?” Your website should be working for you and if it’s not, it may be in need of a redesign or even a major overhaul.

Check for the below three signs

1. Your Website has Oudated Content

If you haven’t actually looked at your site in ages, never mind ensuring the content is up to date and refreshed regularly, your website probably isn’t reflecting your current business goals.

Another problem with outdated website content, is that your site won’t be getting indexed by all the search engines. Google bots won’t be able to give your site the points required to push it higher in the rankings. Most companies want to be found in the first few pages of a search, but this can’t happen with old, tired content.

2. Your website is not Responsive

If your website is not responsive i.e. not a mobile-friendly site, then you could be losing potential business. Without a responsive site you can’t reach your customers and be available to them on all their mobile devices so they can easily access your company information, products and services anywhere, anytime - 24-7. It’s probably time for your company to get on board with this necessary platform enhancer.

3. There is No Lead Generation from your Website

If you’re not regularly getting calls from your website then you’re not maximizing your site’s potential as a lead generator. Chances are that you’re not using it as the marketing tool it’s meant to be. This means your site can’t do its job of generating the leads you need to bring in the business you want to help increase your bottom line.

Website redesign benefits

In today’s business world companies need to adapt to changing demands to boost productivity. A redesigned and enhanced website will:

  • promote greater awareness of your company, products and services
  • increase traffic to your site
  • increase lead generation
  • be responsive (mobile)
  • deliver added value to your customers and
  • ultimately aid in growing your business

Revamp your website for success

Your customers and clients are online so be there for them by getting your website to do the heavy lifting for you. A redesign will ramp up your site’s efficiency as a marketing tool to reach out and bring new clients to you, and help ensure your company’s continued success.

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