Why a Responsive Website is a Must for Your Business

Every day more and more SMBs are redesigning their websites so they’re responsive. In fact, most successful businesses have responsive sites.

You may be asking why your company should invest in a responsive site, how it can actually help your business and what happens if you don’t make the move.

Take a look at these compelling benefits and decide for yourself.

What exactly is “responsive” web design?

Basically it’s a way of designing your site so it provides an optimal and enjoyable user experience for your clients, potential customers, and leads, across a wide range of platforms i.e. across all digital devices like smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops, and desktop.

Optimizes your site’s content

Unlike dated archaic websites, your responsive site will optimize its content, text, images, CTA features etc. and adjust the size accordingly depending on what device it’s being viewed on. No more annoying zooming in, scrolling, resizing and panning. It’s super easy to view and read.

Benefits of a responsive site

It’s common knowledge that mobile usage will continue to not just grow, but skyrocket in the next little while. You can definitely expect your clients and potential customers to be looking to access your site on a mobile device. Here is a list of benefits that will convince you to go responsive:

  • One website, one URL across multiple platforms i.e. your site can easily be viewed across all digital devices
  • Google loves responsive design! It improves the SEO of your site and improves local search rankings. Yahoo and Bing also prefer it
  • Increases conversion rates by enhancing a user’s online journey and experience. Studies show that when a mobile user has had a positive experience with your responsive site, he/she will be 67% more likely to buy a product or use a service of yours
  • Stay ahead of the competition. If more and more of your users/customers are using mobile devices to search and do business online, you should be catering to your audience by having a mobile-friendly site

A Responsive Website Makes Business Sense

Business today operates in a speeded-up digital world so it’s imperative your company provides customers with the best online experience possible. With increased demand for media rich mobile Internet and apps, having a responsive site gives your company the edge over your competition. With responsive, you’ll not only provide your clients and potential customers with a great user experience, you’ll also benefit from better organic rankings, more mobile traffic, and ultimately more revenue.

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